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Gentleman Enjoying Absinthe


To sip absinthe is a ritual, art and meditation on the ethereal, whatever that may signify to you. For me the movement, as in a Japanese tea ceremony, should be done with grace, pensiveness and without frenzy. The moment is everything as in all magical and good things in life. Some like absinthe for the taste of the licorice or anis; others just want to get drunk. Some souls, however, pursue the drink as one would woo a
potential lover...with hesitance, respect and easy desire. Your mind and spirit will be filled with clarity as the drink is absorbed. You may experience slight visual or auditory or kinesthetic sensations. You may even see the green faery. Two of my friends have, but they are artists! At times, I am
merely filled with beautiful words. 


Be aware you may mistake the clearness in your head as equated to no impact of the absinthe. For example, a drinking binge would definitely invoke slurred words, stagger movements, etc...  What I mean by 'clear', is that you will have a very clear head, which is predominately thanks to the buffering qualities of the thujone/herbal oils. The more potent the absinthe the less incoherent and visibly drunk you become. Some absinthe imbibers have experienced that the herbs and thujone manifest the qualities of an aphrodisiac. You will feel alert and responsive to your environment and companion in a shimmering, comfortable way.

This is why absinthe abuse is such a risk, unlike other alcohol, there's virtually no limit on how much you can drink, it takes hours and hours of drinking before the thujone wears off and you're left unbearably drunk. Now for the actual instructions. As in the act of drinking absinthe itself there must be the setting of a scene, perhaps with music, candles, whatever
you imagination is inspired to enact. That is why I chose to slowly describe the introduction rather than leap into the step-by-step instructions. 


So read on...