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About These Images*


Absinthe...vanquished, forbidden, banned & confiscated.  From 1912 until 1998, 86 years, absinthe in all forms with the essence of lethal wormwood was publicly eliminated throughout the world. Only Spain, Portugal and Czechoslovakia produced absinthe. Most severely restricted was/is Switzerland where as recently as the year 2000 distillation and sale of handmade Swiss La Bleue carries a fine of $25,000 USD.

As of March 5, 2007 Absinthe became legal in the United States!! Both commercial and handmade batches are being created and sipped. There is a plethora of absinthe in various bars all over the country. People are communicating over a swirling glass, chilled water, a slotted spoon, a sugar cube and the luminescent nearness of the green faery.

Time are a changing! A return to the ways of languid ease and savoring a shimmering moment as well as a translucent elixir is returning. Ritual and ceremony are revived as people realize, like in the ancient Japanese tea ceremony, that the only moment we truly possess is NOW. Stretch it out into
infinity and make it mystic.


*The image on the left is from 1910 and it represents the temperance league conquering La Fee Verte, the Green Faery and the image on the right symbolizes the revival of La Fee Verte in the new millennium!