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Brian Froud - Gwenhywfar

The Green Ladies

“Faeries, black, gray, green and white, 

You moonshine revelers, and shades of night..." 


In the Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare brings all these Faeries together in a single color, that of the round moon. All the colors merge in the silvery serpentine of the dance, but when the early morning lights silence the notes of the mustanlaria, each one stands out green, white, red or blue. The Greens were Faeries in the woods before becoming the Beautiful Maidens in the faerie-tale castle. Then, after many events, they became Faeries again. In order to make their pyramids grow the Egyptians planted parts of old temples upside down in the earth. Perhaps the gods proceeded in a similar way by building this world on the ruins of ancient ones. As soon as nature was organized, its soul wanted to take shape. It materialized and diversified by borrowing from the fabric of water, the texture of stones, of grasses and of animals. Shaped and molded from the clay of dreams were a butterfly wing, the coat of a deer, the reflection of water in a stream, a flight of birds, the bract of the Arum lily, the view of a burrow or of a fountain covered in ivy.