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Amy Brown - Autumn Whispers

THE VERTE VELLES are dwarves, no taller than the stem of a flower or a blade of grass; some are so small that they disappear in the moss; the Green Ladies and Maidens are as tall and supple as a young fir tree.

APPEARANCE: It is difficult today to describe a Green Lady, daughter of the flora and light. Sometimes she takes on the appearance of the ancient nymph that she once was; the wild virgin with her skin marbled with ivy and the golden coins of the aca- cia; at other times she appears in the veiled shadow of a jadelaine. The Vougeotes are graceful, the Verdelettes minuscule, the Wild Ladies lanceolate and nectareous, the Green Limbs bewitching. Sometimes their beauty conceals the face of a shrew and the appetite of an ogress.

CLOTHES: The Green Ladies do not owe their name to the color of their skirt but to the color of their clothes; dresses, tunics, veils, coats, hoods, skirts, breeches and slippers. Their dress combines all the shades of green. The most noble among them wear a red hat, the smallest ones a foxglove hat.