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Biography of Authoress
Absinthe: The Sip of Seduction
by Betina Wittels

Limited Collector's Edition Hardcover: NOW SOLD OUT!
This limited edition book with Black Cloth Cover and Green Foil Embossed Letters contained an author signed bookplate and was limited to 300 copies. A few Limited Collector's Edition Hardcover books may be left for sale through Betina!


Betina Wittels' Biography

Betina Wittels is a master's degree family psychotherapist and has had a private practice in the American Southwest for more than four decades. Betina was Co-founder of a Shelter for Runaway Children in 1976 in which she created the entire program that exists to this day. Betina is, also, an antique dealer with a world renown specialty in Fin de Siecle French glassware and absinthe spoons....

As a flower child of the 60's she acquired her merchant skills by selling carnations on the street corners by night and working her way through college by day. Sojourning on ships since age 3, the gypsy wanderlust is in Betina's veins. She, also, traveled to the Cayman Islands for two years as a consulting psychotherapist. Through these foreign experiences she learned about different cultures and how to bend the rules without breaking the law..Taught by her physician father, she learned how to dump medicine out of his little black medicine bag and, instead, place red Chinese jade inside the bottles to transport the precious cargo home. As a chronic over-packer, she has now graduated to hard-side suitcases and bubble wrap.

Betina is willing to turn over every boulder in any foreign land to find an antique spoon or a vintage bottle of absinthe. Since adventure is in her nature she will search through all towns and provinces to speak to anyone. Disregarding all language barriers she will find a way to communicate. Betina is fluent in Spanish and struggling with French. Unafraid she will go anywhere ..even to Barrio Chino in Barcelona.

Personal family ancestors inspiring her include King Ludwig of Wittelsbach who built the faery tale castles in Austria and Fritz Wittels, a Viennese psychiatrist who worked alongside Sigmund Freud.

Mystical and realistic, her philosophy is to embrace life. She believes in ancestry, destiny, free will, faeries and God. And, of course, she has a black cat identical to the one sipping in the Absinthe Bourgeois Poster.


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