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Here is a gallery of antique absinthe items for you to view.
Click on the thumbnails to view larger images.



Toppette (184063 bytes)
Antique Topette

Bourgeois Shoe Ink Wells
Glass Sugar Dish (161676 bytes)
Sugar Dish


Pernod Label (61494 bytes)
Pernod Export Label

Absinthe Francaise
Cherubs In Absinthe
Cherub Post Card
Suisse Label (37982 bytes)
Suisse Label


Absinthe Pottery
Ceramic Pitchers
Absinthe Spoon Set
Antique Spoons
Toulouse Lautrec Spoon
Toulouse Lautrec


Abstinthe Labels Collage
Vintage Labels
Joanne Carafe
Joanne Carafe
Green Swirl Glass
Green Swirl Glass
Antique Brouille Glass
Antique Glass