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Amy Brown - Trillium



Modern    Antique


Whirling into the market are reproduction spoons, glasses and various other absinthe items. Many of the modern items are lovely, shiny, sturdy and authentic copies of original antiques that are now either exorbitant in price or no longer available no matter how determinedly one searches through flea markets, auctions,etc.

BUYER BEWARE. A modern item that states it is new and is a copy is fine. A stated "Antique", however, may be, instead, a very clever copy designed to deceive the buyer. Know your potential sellers. Make sure the one who sells to you promises to replace chipped, broken, or , also, items that UPS never placed upon your doorstep. Especially be aware of foreign sellers on the internet auctions. Ask for referral addresses to recommend the seller. Most thieves can produce none. Write and query those referring customers. Ask questions. If the seller is then hostile one might wonder why.

My promise to you is no less than 100% satisfaction. I pride myself on impeccable packing, timely response and a desire to educate the absintheur so that this rare experience is a pure pleasure. The absinthe resurgence is here! I am thrilled and amazed at its flowering in the past years of my initiation and continued participation in this new moment in history. That era of absinthe existed when people took the time to savor the moment. It is impossible to guzzle the drink after one goes through the ritual of pouring and ponders the ways of that once leisurely cafe society so unlike our own. The time is here again to savor life and to remember that all we truly have at this instant is this moment.





Versinthe Bubble Glasses:
These lovely modern glasses are etched with the name, Versinthe. The reservoir is defined and the shape is enticing.


Modern Pontarlier:
These replica deep reservoir glasses are reproduced in exact dimensions to the rare and beautiful Pontarlier style glasses that were only used for Absinthe. Heavy and made of fine cut glass these glasses are beautiful!


Modern Two Part Crystal Doble or Brouilles Glass and Dripper Sets:
This two part glass is made of hand blown crystal. The deep reservoir glass is generously large and the style is smooth and sleek. The separate dripper perfectly fits when placed upon the lower glass. The dripper has a tiny hole upon which one places the sugar and then one dribbles the water into the absinthe as it louches... no spoon necessary. In the lower section one pours a shot of absinthe. Then one lays a sugar cube over the hole in the upper portion. One can then place cracked ice, and/or pour water over the sugar cube. The melted sugar will block the hole, slowing down the drip... this was the Spanish method.


Modern Swirl Glasses:
Sturdy and sleek these eye entrancing glasses mesmerize the vision as the elixir louches in the sturdy and elegant glass that is a whirl of swirl.


Emile Pernot Pontarlier Glasses:
These sturdy, eye entrancing glasses are reasonable in price and mesmerizing to the sight as one watches the liquid louche. Etched with the elegant Pontarlier Absinthe insignia, this is a fine modern absinthe glass.


I now have Deep Reservoir Pontarlier glasses. These glasses, like the Cordon, (no modern repros exist of Cordon) were only used for absinthe.


Petite Fountains:
A petite fountain for one or two imbibers and easy to transport to parties or your favorite bar! Made of glass and very lovely this fountain is offered in two styles, round or tall, and with either one or two spigots. The elegant script noted in the banner will be used to write the word, 'absinthe', which is etched vertically upon each fountain.


Recently acquired for sale is the lovely modern 4 Spigot Fountain:
This modern fountain is an old bistro style replica of an antique fountain. It is heavy, made of brass and covered with "old silver" so it has a pewter/antique look. With four sturdy spigots and vertical lines imbedded around the stand, even the lid in its stance is impressive. Custom ordered, this little modern masterpiece takes approximately 6 weeks to reach your waiting glass if I am out of stock. I presently just returned from France and two are left for sale.


Versinthe Fountain:
An elegant 4 silver-colored spigot fountain with a glass lid. The fountain is etched with the Versinthe insignia.


Francois Guy Fountain:
French and delicate this fountain has the famous etched name of the Guy distillery. With simple lines and a ridged glass design, the gold-colored 4 spigot fountain is refined and regal. Note: Francois Guy now has a new fountain which contains a separate glass lid and sitting atop the lid is the famous Pontarlier eagle. With six silver-colored spigots the fountain is both grand and elegant. Twice the price of the lidless one this fountain was made for one who relishes entertaining guests. Production is for a limited time. Email for jpeg.


Silver-Plated 'Beak' Les Carres Spoon:
This is a modern spoon especially elegant to use with large glasses. The tip is long and dramatically drapes over the glass edge.


Absinthe "Long" Tea Spoons:
This Cuilleres #1 reproduction is copied from an original antique. Silver-plated it is elegant and the absinthe cut-out design is in the middle of the handle! So one can still use the rounded spoon portion at the end for the "burn method" of imbibing.


Les Etoiles Silver-plated Reproduction Spoons:
Les Etoiles Spoons were an entire section of spoons crafted in the antique absinthe era. Differing numbers of stars set in unique designs were created in the antique spoons. These Modern spoons are pierced with star shapes to allow the water to subtly dissolve the sugar into the glass.


Reproduction Toulouse Lautrec Spoon:
Silver-plated Limited Edition of 100 absinthe spoons created from 1 of 12 Original Absinthe Spoons which were owned by TL ( I am the proud owner of one of the originals which is the source of these reproductions)... Toulouse' initials are in the design of the spoon along with the mesmerizing art deco design. No more will be made as the form was too delicate to expand reproduction. The rest of the 11 are owned by quiet collectors located in France.


Les Fleches Silver-plated Reproduction Spoons:
Les Fleches Spoons were an entire section of spoons crafted in the antique absinthe era. Differing numbers of arrows set in unique designs were created in the antique spoons. These Modern spoons are available either with or without the Emile Pontarlier stamp on the top of the handle. The spoons are silver-plated and punctured with arrow shapes to allow the water to gently dissolve the sugar into the glass.


Les Feuille Spoons were very elaborate leaf-like spoons created in the absinthe era. The most famous of these spoons had writing inscribed on the flowing ribbons stretched across the spoon. This is a reproduction of the most famous of those intricate works of art. The spoon contains a delicate swirling design, with some leaf etched lines, as well. Along the sides are 4 tiny, upturned edges to protect the sugar which gently dissolves into the glass.


Francois Guy Publicity Modern Repro Fleches
w/ Embossed Pontarlier Eagle
Identical in design to the Les Fleches (Arrows) this spoon is metal and stamped not only with the name of the famous Guy Distillery but embossed on the handle is the Pontarlier eagle!

Note: Francois Guy has now produced a limited edition spoon with the Les Feuilles (Leaf) scalloped design on the outside edge and leaf veins outlined inside the spoon along with his initials, F G.


Emile Pernot Publicity Modern Repro:
Identical in design to the Les Fleches this spoon is metal and is stamped with the mark of the famous Emile Pernot distillery where absinthe is now being created again!


Le Tour Eiffel Spoons:
This stunning Eiffel Tower Spoon is silver-plated, shiny and a copy of the original Eiffel spoons that normally range in price up to $1500 USD. One sips and ponders what conversations and meetings took place in those Parisian bistros....


Pere Kermann Publicity Modern Repro:
This modern repro made of metal and stamped by Pere Kermann is studded with stars. Etoiles or spoons with stars are made for the one who dreams during sipping...


French 'A La Perruche' sugar is a 1.1 lb box:
This sugar reminds one of white, fluffy,snowflakes. The water and sugar dilute in a smoother fashion to create the pearl/blue/gray/green cloudy, swirling louche that is an essential characteristic of absinthe.


Modern Repro Posters
Direct from France now offered are posters of Vichet, Absinthe Bourgeois Black Chat, La Cressonnee, Terminus and soon Rivoire! Vivid colors produced on fine thick paper ready for framing!

Please email for prices and availability of all items. Some are special order only.


Envelopes have never looked so elegant! Now one can buy real postage stamps with the famous Absinthe Bourgeois Black Cat (from the original poster image) or the Green Chat with Bright Eyes (from the original postcard image). Excellent purchases for the stamp/absinthe collector or the letter sender!


Absinthe artifacts... some are so lovely, some are beautiful, some, like the spoon holder, are so heavy... in weight... as I lugged one 8000 kilometers from Europe to here! 'Cuilleres' Spoon Holders held spoons, and Sugar dishes, metal or glass, served a small number of sugar cubes. Carafes and Pitchers held the chilled water and many were etched with publicity names of the cafes or absinthe distilleries. Rare carafes even had a separate compartment for the ice cubes to keep the water ice cold!

Email for prices on various Spoon Holders, Sugar Dishes, Carafes and Pitchers.

Glasses, glasses, everywhere....but which shall I imbibe from this evening? Authentic antique glasses were usually made of heavy glass, not crystal. Pontarlier and Cordon are the rarest glasses. Deep reservoir are the most absinthe friendly as the deep dip holds one shot! I lean towards the ornate myself and the etched glasses flowing with delicate designs have always intrigued my eyes as the absinthe pours into the goblet.

Swirl, though more common in the later bistro era in the 1920's, are simply stunning as the cut design carries such smooth lines for the eyes to glance upon while sipping the elixir.

I usually buy and sell glasses in sets of two. Upon request I can search out whichever design you wish. On very rare occasions I have found the rare green swirl glass..the chartreuse cast glimmers!
For availability, price, and search requests of the antique glasses please email your query.

Fountains and match strikers (pyrogene) can make elegant and mesmerizing gazing focus points for the absinthe serving set. Fountains are made of metal and glass with two to six spigots. (You turn the faucet and the chilled, ice water drips into the waiting glass.) Prices vary vastly ranging from $1500 USD to $8000 USD. Be sure you are assured that the fountain is fully functioning if you wish to actually use the item. Some of the fountains were even etched with publicity names of absinthes and companies.

The small, individual fountain is truly fascinating, as well. The water drips into the glass in a tick-tock synchronized action that is spell-binding to watch. Just remember to not let the water overrun the glass! Individual fountains can cost up to $1000 USD. Fountains have doubled in price and increased in rarity the past three years.

Match strikers were, also, a beauty to behold. Ceramic, wood, or metal most had Publicity from absinthes and other liquor producers. Named 'Pyrogene', the French word for match striker, the object held the matches and fire could be ignited by striking the ribbed sides. The small difficulty in the present day is finding non-safety matches....but there is a few companies, even in the USA, that still make those particular matches. Most pryogene cost between $250 to $800 USD.

Searching for a particular fountain or matchstriker is a feat to behold. Scarcity has become the rule but the green faery is playful, as well, as mischievous and given time I can usually find whatever you desire!

Topettes could contain perfectly measured shots of absinthe and a small 'bouchon' or top sits upon the top of a toppete. Topettes vary in size to store from 2-12 doses. Topettes were used to hold and pour absinthe (like a decanter)..each curve is an exact dosage! I have various sizes which will contain from 2 to 12 doses of absinthe! Then your guests will not guzzle your entire bottle in one evening! Antique Topettes in sizes of 2-12 doses: $100-$250 USD

Saucers were placed under the glass. One placed the sugar melted/watery spoon upon the saucer. The franc amount was the bistro bill..the smaller the number of FR, the older the saucer! Inflation existed even a hundred years ago! a variety of colors with Franc prices painted upon the dish: black, cobalt blue, turquoise and yellow..$45 each

Absinthe Antique Spoons are visually amazing! Whether made in the shape of sea shells, tea spoons, shovels, flowers,or grills the designs inscribed in the spoon are endless. Slotted holes in intricacies of Eiffel Towers, stars, arrows, circles, leaves, clubs, pipes create the shapes in which the water and dissolving sugar meet together to drench and transform the absinthe.

The Spoons are the most essential element (besides the absinthe!) in partaking of the ritual and ceremony of sipping the elixir.



Chaos and confusion reign over the antique market for absinthe items. Years ago it was easy to find a fountain, a carafe, a topette, a genuine antique spoon. Not only is it difficult to find these items now..the price has, in some instances, reached a point of absurdity. It takes being a detective with clues to find a fountain at all..let alone one that properly drips without leaking! I regularly creep through the antique flea markets and brocantes of France, Switzerland and Spain. Many collectors exist in France. Once I was looking for a certain poster ( "affiche" in French) and stopped at a stall at the Paris weekend flea market. The man laughed and said, "yes, you are looking along with 16 other people today!"

Briefly be aware of the following:
1. Buy glasses that are heavy, and not chipped. Look at the bottom to see if the glass was hand blown or machine made. Many "cut marks" were scratched into the glass long after the original production of the "verre."
2. I like spoons with stamps. Many antique spoons that are authentic do not have the mark of authenticity but the visual feature makes me feel more certain of my purchase.
3. Nothing is around for long. Customers sometimes do not understand that I sometimes return with only a few items..and they are sold instantly. I do offer "layaway plans" with negotiated deposits and time limits. At times it is not just months, but years, if at all, that I can pounce upon another object that is even similar, let alone identical to the desired artifact. I am able to do custom searches if you can decide or know exactly what you want. A recent customer gave me the money for a specific fountain before my journey to Switzerland. Astoundingly, even to me, the only fountain I found was the one she requested...a faery tale come true!
4. The value of an absinthe antique is soaring. Especially the high end objects. Fountains have doubled in the past two years. If you can even find one.
5. Again query the seller. The foreign markets know that if you do not receive the goods you may not fight. It is quite disturbing to me when a customer tells me they never received an object or it arrived damage and suddenly no emails are given any response by the company or person. The customer should do battle and publicly announce the hold the vendor responsible and to alert others.




Antique Swirl Glasses:
The name says it all. Used in bistros these glasses are sturdy and visually striking. The louche swirls in color as one is entranced by the movement of the mixture.


Antique Cut and Dosed Egg Glasses:
Rare indeed to have a glass that is both cut with a design and dosed to hold a shot of absinthe. These glasses are classic and elegant.


Antique Cordon Glasses:
These glasses are very rare. Only found every two or three years. Each has the cord of glass lining the circumference and, also, has a deep reservoir. These were created in particular just for absinthe. One matching pair left.


Antique Etched Line Glasses:
These glasses, simple in design, are dosed with an etched line to measure the perfect shot. One matching pair left.


Antique Diamond (Les Carres) Spoons:
Old bistro ware is becoming so difficult to find. This cache were discovered inside of an old spoon holder! Special price. Email for details.


Antique Topettes:
Topettes are lovely, elegant and have a unique purpose. Topettes hold the shots and each curve is a perfect measuring tool. In this way , you coordinate who is drinking how much! So when the party is over you will still have some absinthe remaining for yourself!


These wares above are only samples of my stock. I have single glasses, very rare spoons, old fountains, original labels. Peruse, dream, and when you know exactly what you desire then I can search the world for you. If you are unsure what you want then communicate with me. It may take a month, it may take a year but I will find it..with the help of the green faery!




Let me know if you have more queries or if you would like to buy absinthe artifacts. You will not be disappointed.


Empress of Absinthe Artifacts